21 Mar 2024

The Orchestrators of Efficiency: System Implementors & Integrators

In today's dynamic business landscape, technology is the driving force behind success. But simply acquiring a new system isn't enough. Just like a high-performance orchestra requires a conductor to harmonize its instruments, organizations need skilled professionals to implement and integrate these systems for optimal results. Enter the system implementor and integrator – the behind-the-scenes heroes who ensure your technological symphony plays a flawless tune.


7 Feb 2024

An AI model trained on data that looks real but won’t leak personal information

a new method for bringing privacy-preserving synthetic data closer to its real-world analog to improve the predictive value of models trained on it.

Adi Feb

6 Feb 2024

A new machine to power the future of semiconductor innovation

New York state announced a partnership with IBM, Micron, and other industry players to invest $10 billion into expanding the Albany NanoTech Complex with a new cutting-edge High NA EUV Center that will drive the next decade of semiconductor technology innovations.


5 Feb 2024

New developer tools for quantum computational scientists

Today, a new kind of user is beginning to use our processors: quantum computational scientists. When it comes to using quantum computers, these users approach problems differently, and they require a distinct set of tools and capabilities.